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Braedyn res wrote in rpg_canon
  Potteracademy - Online Hogwarts  
Do you know Hogwarts? The magical school created by J. K. Rowling in her world of Harry Potter?
Are you in love with the magical universe they live in? Do you wish you were a witch or a wizard?
You will be able to have a unique profile, guestbook, friendlist and profile pictures. Your character can be muggle, half blood or pureblood and the sorting hat will place you in a house when you have completed your sign up!
You can become member of the magical community, when attending this school. It's a place where you live and breathe your character to complete the 7 school years. You can get new friends, buy different things, do your homework, get goodgrades, duel and get jobs. The list is mighty endless. It's all about living your character, and live in this worderful, magical world!
This academy has been around for years now and is well known for its uniqueness. Sign up today and be part of the magic.

Note: You must sign up with a suitable first name and you will be allowed to enter a surname as well. You cannot sign up with names from the book for example: Harry Potter, Hermione, Draco and etc. Thank you for understanding, as we don't want tons of Hermione's and other HP names flooding the site.

We hope to see your there! The link is here:


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